2023 WCUC Keynote Speakers Announced

The 2023 World Credit Union Conference, the premier global event for credit unions, will take place in Vancouver, Canada, from July 23 to 26, and the World Council of Credit Unions has secured four world-renowned speakers for the event. The conference, which will focus on sustainability, digital technologies, and the future of financial services, is expected to draw executives from 60 countries’ credit unions.

The keynote speakers are as follows:

The Ethical Futurists – The Ethical FuturistsTM are award-winning experts, keynote speakers, and corporate advisors on a mission to assist individuals and organizations in thinking and acting in a manner that is more ethical and sustainable. Alison Burns, LL.B., Dip., LP, NP, FRSA, is an expert on business ethics, sustainability, and ethical leadership as well as an award-winning performer and keynote speaker. She has been a pioneer in the fields of engineering, entertainment, technology, and law for more than 30 years. James Taylor, MBA, FRSA, a rock star manager who got his start in management, is now a sought-after keynote speaker and a global authority on business creativity, innovation, and artificial intelligence. He has been advising CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, governments, leaders, authors, and rock stars on how to build innovative organizations, unleash creative potential, and increase productivity for more than two decades. Desjardins Group is providing sponsorship for the Ethical Futurists keynote.

Kim Lear is a writer and researcher who studies how new trends will affect our workforce and market in the future. Kim is at the forefront of cutting-edge research as the founder and content director of Inlay Insights, locating cultural shifts that transform how businesses engage customers and employees. She is well-known for her ability to discuss the trends that have the greatest impact on an organization’s bottom line by combining data, storytelling, humor, and takeaways that can be implemented. Kim previously held the position of content director at a research firm specializing in Millennial trends and generational trends. Her undergrad research is around Gen X-ers and life span. Kim, a fervent researcher, weaves stories and case studies with eye-opening statistics to emphasize her points and bring her message to life.

Riaz Meghji is a human association featured subject matter expert and writer of the book Each Discussion Counts: The 5 Ways to Connect with People That Make Relationships Extraordinary He has 17 years of experience as a television broadcaster, conducting interviews with experts on politics, business, sports, entertainment, and current affairs. He is also an accomplished broadcaster. He learned not only the value of open communication but also how to put it into practice along the way.

Visit www.wcuc.org to view the complete conference schedule. Until April 14, 2023, early-bird registration rates are available. Here, reserve your spot at the 2023 credit union event you can’t miss.


The credit union trade association and development platform is the World Council of Credit Unions. The World Council works to ensure that credit unions and other financial cooperatives have a long-term future in order to give people access to affordable, high-quality financial services and empower them. The World Council collaborates with national governments to improve legislation and regulation and represents the global credit union system before international organizations. New tools and technologies are introduced through its technical assistance programs to improve credit unions’ financial performance and expand their reach.

More than 300 technical assistance programs have been implemented in 90 nations by the World Council. 393 million people in 118 countries are served by 87,914 credit unions worldwide. Visit www.woccu.org to learn more about the global impact of the World Council.

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