Blinken discusses Iran threat during call with Israeli FM

LONDON: On Monday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke on the phone with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen about the Iranian threat.

During the call, Blinken congratulated Cohen on his appointment as a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new hard-right coalition government. Cohen took office last week.

In addition, the secretary of state emphasized the unwavering dedication of the United States to the partnership between the US and Israel and to Israel’s safety.

Blinken talked about the United States’ ongoing efforts to advance mutual interests, like Israel’s continued regional integration, including the Negev Forum.

He also talked about how the US and Israel have always worked together to solve problems and uphold the same set of values.

Additionally, he emphasized that the United States remains committed to a two-state solution and opposes policies that jeopardize its viability.

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