Dubai: How 7-year-old expat is training to join UAE national ice-skating team next year

She won’t be able to compete right away due to her young age and UAE regulations, but she will start competing in international competitions when she turns eight.

“I have secured special permission from the KHDA to leave school early at 2 p.m. to attend these training sessions, and I have already begun training with the other skaters in the national team. The GEMS Royal Dubai School student says, “My school has been fully supporting and cheering for me throughout the entire process.”

Advertisement Lyudmila was born in Kazakhstan in May 2015, and when she was two months old, she and her family moved to Dubai that same year. Since she was a young age, she has been learning to ice skate.

When I was three years old, I became interested in ice skating for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a competition on television. I therefore asked my mother if I could begin learning it. The young girl declares with pride, “I’m the first skater in my family.”

She continues, “As soon as I told my mother that I want to ice skate, she searched for a good trainer and the right place for me to develop my skills.” After school and on the weekends, I regularly train. I participated in a series of auditions for the UAE National Skating Team in September. Since skaters must be eight years old to compete nationally, I won’t officially join the team until next year. However, despite this, I have continued to train and collaborate with the team to ensure that I am prepared for when I turn eight. Being a member of the UAE National Team makes me very happy and proud.

The student in year three regularly trains for long hours, but her parents also make sure she doesn’t miss out on the usual activities that kids her age typically enjoy.

The Dubai resident states, “School and training take up a large portion of my day, but I still love to keep active by visiting the park and playing with my friends.”

Lyudmila says, “Ice-skating is hard work, but I enjoy the challenge. This sheds light on her plans for the future and how she perseveres to be the best.” On the ice, I love to learn and test my skills. One day, I want to win a professional ice-skating championship. In the near future, I want to compete for gold at the Olympics.

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