Dubai visit-visa holders must pay overstay fines, up to Dh300 for outpass to exit country

People must pay for their leave permit and the number of days they have been overstayed at the airport and land borders.

Visitors who overstay their visas in the United Arab Emirates are subject to fines and must obtain an out pass or leave permit at either the airports or the immigration office at the land borders.

A representative of customer service at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai confirmed that individuals who overstay their visas should apply for an outpass or leave permit at the airport or at the immigration offices at the land borders.

Additionally, you can obtain this permit at the Al Awir Immigration office. A visitor who overstays their visa should also pay fines for the extra days they spent in the country.

Experts in the travel industry claim that this procedure began a few days ago. Before leaving the country, many of their customers who overstayed their visas had to pay between Dh200 and Dh300 for a permit.

“An outpass or leave permit is required for those visitors who continue to reside in the country after visa expiry or after the grace period offered by the emirates,” stated Mir Wasim Raja, manager of MICE & Holidays at Galadari International Travel Services.
An expert in the travel industry says that holders of Dubai visit visas have a 10-day grace period after their visas expire. Indian national Ranjit Routray had a two-month visit to the UAE but had to extend his stay for two days because of personal commitments. Jubin, his spouse, had paid his overstay fine online.

Jubin stated, “But when we were at the immigration, I was asked to pay the Dh240 fine and the “leave permit” for overstaying in the country.”

A lot of other visitors have been getting leave permits to leave the country for too long.

A few of our customers went over their visa’s allowed time of stay without our knowledge. They contacted us to pay the fines for overstaying their visa when it expired. The marketing manager for Rooh Travel and Tourism, Deepak Kaushik, stated, “But they did not know the out pass or leave permit.”

Kaushik continued, “They had to pay for the number of days overstayed and for leave permit at the airport and land borders.”

According to Robin Pathrose, sales manager at Kingsland Travel and Tourism LLC, visitors who obtain an outpass are required to leave the country.

“One of my clients obtained employment in the UAE after arriving there on a visit visa. Pathrose stated, “He had even applied for a leave permit at the Al Awir Immigration center, which he forgot about. He was already overstaying his visa.”

The work permit and permanent residency status were applied for by his employer up to four times. However, the authorities did not accept it. At the point when we asked about the justification behind dismissal, we were informed that he should leave the country as the leave grant has been given against his name,”

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