Interview with Rubin Manjaly, Owner of Big Red Motor Bike Rental

In Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, Big Red Quad Bike Rental is a leading provider of quad bike rentals and ATV safaris. One of Dubai’s pioneering bike rental companies is Big Red Quad Bike Rental.

What is the name of your company?
Big Red Motor Bike Rental What kind of company do you run?
Services In which sector does your company operate?
Local Tours & Activities How long has your company been around?
In five to ten years, who are your clients?
People (B2C) Rubin Manjaly, proprietor of Big Red Motor Bike Rental, tell us about some of your company’s most significant turning points.
We used to rent quad bikes, but the rental industry wasn’t good enough, so we started doing quad bike tours in the desert instead. We began offering tours because tourists enjoy visiting the desert.

Why did you decide to establish your business in Dubai?
Dubai sees an increase in tourists.

What distinguishes your company from the competition?
We offer private tours with a dedicated guide, so the quad biking experience will be tailored to the individual’s abilities.

Which products or services do you produce or provide?
Rental and tour on quad bikes.

What are the main advantages of your goods and services?
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