Interview with Salim Al Rashidi, CEO of Al Marai Alarabia

The services of Al Marai Alarabia are creativity and production mastery represented by modernity and innovation in the packaging of food products and services for slaughtering and meat.

What is the name of your company?
Al Marai Alarabia What kind of company do you run?
Trading, Manufacturing Which sector does your company operate in?
B2B Services How long has your company existed?
In 10 to 15 years, who are your clients?
Both B2B and B2C: How did you first come up with the business’s idea or concept?
15 years ago, we began to think about expanding trade and the local market, and we anticipate becoming industry leaders.

Describe some of your company’s most significant turning points.
We had to meet the challenges of rapid transformation developments in order to increase our point of sale, add more value through our systems, and reach everywhere.

Why did you decide to establish your business in Dubai?
Dubai is a major global trading hub that is crucial to the success of local and international businesses.

Last but not least, what distinguishes your company from the competition?
Our work stands out because it is local and of Emirati quality, which is important to an Emirati administration that is always concerned about the happiness and contentment of its customers. We do this by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices, and our customers have been using us for 15 years.

Please name a few of your customers.
Abu Dhabi Area: ADCOOP Abu Dhabi Area: Mushref Coop Al Dhafra Area: DHAFRA COOP Al Ain: Al Ain Coop Al Ain: Grand Mart Al Ain: ERTH Supermarket Al Ain: All Gift Markets Sharjah: SPAR under ADCOOP RAK: RAK Mall RAK: Gulf Hyper Market Sharjah: Earth Supermarket Dubai: Falcon Hyper Market Khalba: Sharjah Coop Dubai: Moon Factory outlets Dubai:
Products for cleaning and packaging.

What are the main advantages of your goods and services?
High-quality and reasonably priced, made in the UAE.

Do you provide any unique goods or services that are not available anywhere else in Dubai?
Perfumer of Al Fawah.

Could you share a few of your products and their prices?
25AED for Al Fawah.

How can customers get in touch with your business in the most effective manner?

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