KP Assembly to go on Imran’s signal: CM

PESHAWAR: On Saturday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan reiterated that he would not hesitate to dissolve the provincial assembly if instructed to do so by his party chairman, Imran Khan.

I’ve always maintained that I am a lowly employee of PTI Chairman Imran Khan. He owes me this position. Chief Minister Khan stated, “I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute if he asks me to dissolve the provincial assembly.”

He denied reports in the media that he would send the governor a summary requesting the dissolution of the KP Assembly on Saturday night.

He told Dawn, “This is not true.” I stated that we are all awaiting notification of the Punjab Assembly’s dissolution. When the chairman asks us to, we will begin the procedure in KP.

During his address to the newly elected Peshawar Press Club, the chief minister stated, “The moment I move the summary, I will WhatsApp its image to you all.”

Those who claimed he was in Lahore for consultations were mocked by him. What can be consulted? How can I refuse Imran Khan? He inquired, ” The provincial assembly will disband as soon as Imran Khan gives me a nod.

Cabinet insiders claim that they remained hopeful that the party chairman would take into consideration their suggestion to preserve the KP government. A cabinet member stated, “It is up to him now to take the final call.”

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