MQM-P adopts ‘strict stance’ over delimitation issue

Akhtar, along with deputy conveners Nasreen Jalil and Abdul Waseem, addressed a press conference at the Bahadurabad Centre. They stated that after the local government elections, the mayors of various cities, including Karachi and Hyderabad, would be from the MQM-P if the delimitations of constituencies were corrected.

He stated that citizens would demonstrate their support for the city’s mandate through the MQM-P’s electoral symbol, the kite, in the upcoming local body elections. He stated that women had always played the frontline role in the MQM-P and that they were organizing a women’s convention on December 18 at the Nishtar Park, which would be a historic event. He added that the role of parliament, government institutions, and daily life would not be complete without women.

He educated the party laborers to go to this ladies’ show, adding that a press instructions would be held before the show. ” The MQM-P is fighting for Sindh residents’ rights. The foe doesn’t believe the MQM P should thrive,” he said.

He said that the MQM-P could have installed a political administrator in the city if it wanted to, but the party did better, in response to a question. A government official ought to be appointed as an administrator, as required by law.

Gerrymandering and rigging prior to the election were carried out successfully. Imran Khan, a former prime minister, was working to damage institutions’ reputations even today. Khan’s statements are based on fabrications.

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