RTA launches Travel Behaviour Survey to revamp its strategic roads and transport plans

RTA launches the Screening Questionnaire for the Travel Behaviour Survey. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) launched a Travel Behaviour Survey – Screening Questionnaire of individuals and families residing or working in Dubai, as well as companies based in the Emirate. The survey will run from January to June 2023 and includes 7,000 diverse samples from residents of Dubai and the neighboring Emirates. This action is part of RTA’s efforts to update its strategic plans for roads and transportation, improve roads and public transportation networks and services, and keep up with the Emirate’s urbanization in accordance with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040.

Over 7,000 individuals from Dubai and the emirates nearby are included in the survey, which will run from January to June 2023. It includes 500 cargo transport companies operating in Dubai, 1,500 individuals visiting or working in Dubai, and 5,000 families (citizens and residents).


“Over the next few days, RTA will launch a survey to gauge Dubai’s residents’ and visitors’ mobility habits and trends. Home questionnaires, field visits, in-person interviews, and online interviews, including smart apps, would be the channels of communication with the public. Muna Al Osaimi, Director of the Transportation Strategic Planning, Strategy, and Corporate Governance Sector at RTA, stated, “The process involves the use of artificial intelligence technologies to reach the largest possible number of individuals.”


To arrive at the best conclusions, the survey’s results will be collected, analyzed, and studied in an open and professional manner. RTA will be able to update its strategic and operational plans for the road network and mass transportation systems, such as the Dubai Metro and Tram, public buses, marine transit means, and individual and soft mobility means, with the assistance of these deliverables.

“The Emirate’s public is an important partner in our efforts to improve transportation services.” As a result, when the public is asked to participate in the survey, we encourage them to do so and to cooperate. We will be able to make the best decisions and develop the best plans to upgrade the emirate’s roads and public transportation systems with the assistance of such feedback.

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