RTA opens express bus routes to support public transport

A new express bus route between Dubai and Hatta has just been opened by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai to support public transportation services to Hatta.

At the same time, it started a second domestic bus route within Hatta, which is getting a lot better in terms of its infrastructure and tourist services and facilities. The region is distinguished by picturesque landscapes, a cool mountain environment, a one-of-a-kind geographical location, cultural and environmental diversity, and recreational services that are appealing to all members of the community.

According to Adel Shakri, Director of Planning and Business Development for the RTA’s Public Transport Agency, “The first route (H02), Hatta Express, starts from the Dubai Mall Bus Station and heads to Hatta Bus Station at a frequency of two hours using deluxe coaches at a fare of AED25 per rider per journey.”

Hatta Hop on Hop off, the second route (H04), is a tourist service that operates within Hatta. This loop goes from the Hatta Bus Station to four popular tourist destinations: the Heritage Village, the Hatta Dam, the Hatta Wadi Hub, and Hatta Hill Park. The service has a 30 minute frequency and costs AED2 per rider, per bus stop.
“Operating these two vital routes aims to support public transportation services between the city and Hatta and within the neighborhood of this growing area, which is witnessing a significant growth in the number of domestic and international tourists and visitors, especially in these days when tourism is at its peak in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, with the launch of Hatta.. the Highlands of Dubai with supports World’s Coolest Winter and Dubai Destinations initiatives,” Shakri added. “Operating these two vital routes also aims

RTA wants to expand the bus network to connect Dubai Hatta and make it more integrated with other forms of mass transit, like the metro, tram, and marine transportation, making public transportation the best mode of transportation in the emirate.

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