Shehbaz says ‘absolutely willing’ to talk to India but onus on New Delhi to take steps for ‘meaningful engagement’

On Thursday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif stated that he was “absolutely willing and ready” to engage with India for the benefit of regional peace and prosperity; however, it was New Delhi’s responsibility to implement the necessary measures “for meaningful and result-oriented engagement.”

During his speech to the 6th summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia in Kazakhstan, he stated, “I am absolutely ready and willing to have a serious dialogue and discussion with our counterparts, Indians, provided that they show sincerity of purpose and they show that they are ready to discuss issues that have really kept us at a distance over decades.”

The premier acknowledged that issues that have hindered the promotion of bilateral trade and investment were regrettable.

He emphasized, “This has to come to an end, but it is still India’s responsibility to take the necessary steps for meaningful and result-oriented engagement.”

“Pakistan wants to have peaceful relationships with all of its neighbors, including India.” However, “just and lasting peace will remain elusive until India brings its atrocities in occupied Kashmir to a grinding halt.”

The prime minister emphasized that the people ought to receive funding for their health and education.

He stated, “I want to leave behind a legacy of peace and progress for the prosperity of our region’s future generations.” Right now, Pakistan’s top priority is to bring its economy back to life quickly and fairly.

However, he stated that “India remains obligated to take a necessary step to engage in the pursuit of result-oriented solutions.”

PM Sharif emphasized India’s unabated atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir over the past seven decades, claiming that Kashmiris have been denied their right to self-determination for as long as they can remember.

He urged other nations to pay attention to India’s “bullet over ballot” policy, which blatantly blocked the resolution of the United Nations Security Council calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir.

He stated, “India has become a threat to its minorities, its neighbors, and the entire region.”

In a subsequent tweet, the prime minister stated that he had “explained how India uses the mantra of democracy to conceal its gross human rights abuses.”

The “terrorized valley” was a “manifestation of bullet being a preferred Indian policy than the ballot,” PM Shehbaz said, adding that the world should acknowledge the brutality of Indian policies in occupied Kashmir.

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