UAE: 7 accidents, no deaths recorded during NYE celebrations in Sharjah

Colonel Dr Jassim Muhammad receptacle Haddah, Overseer of Tasks Division at the Sharjah Police General Order uncovered that Sharjah Police call focus managed 11,557 crisis and non-crisis calls during the festivals from different parts fo the city.


He said that all reports were managed by their significance, and they were quickly moved to the able specialists.

Sharjah Police heightened its security presence in rush hour gridlock watches in different areas, squares, and the emirate’s inward and outside streets, which accomplished “zero” passings. Seven mishaps with minor wounds were managed during the New Year’s vacation.


Colonel Dr Jassim uncovered that the power fostered an arrangement for the NYE occasions, which was pointed toward upgrading the security and wellbeing of individuals from the general public. The arrangement had been carried out alongside the skilled specialists of the police and key accomplices.

He focused on the steady insight of the Sharjah Police to decrease the reaction time, using the most recent innovations, as a feature of its methodology reliable with the essential objective of the Service of Inside to upgrade security and wellbeing.

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