UAE satellite phone helps save lives of 7 stranded fishermen from Philippines

On their journey in November 2022, the seven fishermen encountered turbulent waters that ultimately caused their boat to sink. The fishermen were able to get in touch with their loved ones to let them know about the incident thanks to the Thuraya XT-LITE. The families then established a connection with DelNet, the local service partner, who reported the situation to Yahsat’s Singapore offices. The fishermen were able to coordinate with the Coast Guard and provide them with their GPS location after Yahsat’s customer care team was able to top up the Thuraya XT-LITE’s credit.

“The significance of satellite communications and critical connectivity in times of crisis is brought to light by the fact that the search and rescue mission was successful. The company stated, “Yahsat is well positioned as a global satellite operator with a fleet of five satellites that enable critical connectivity and reach more than 80% of the world’s population.”

Advertisement The organization has assisted governments and international organizations in resolving humanitarian crises by means of mobility and data solutions like the Thuraya XT-LITE. The group has assisted in responding to distress calls about earthquakes and at sea through Yahsat Saving Lives, which has helped save the lives of nearly 130 people in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in 2022.

Mohamed Obaid Alqataam Alzaabi, UAE Ambassador to the Philippines, stated: As a global provider of satellite solutions, Yahsat has demonstrated the UAE’s values in relation to humanitarian assistance by supporting urgent search and rescue missions during crises.

According to Ali Al Hashemi, Yahsat’s chief executive officer, incidents like these demonstrate Yahsat’s recognition of the power of satellite communications and the potential role they can play in saving lives in times of crisis. Through our network of on-the-ground partnerships, connectivity solutions, and operations designed to drive a quick and effective response, we are well-positioned to support in such situations.”

DelNet’s CEO, Klaas Oreel, stated: To bring essential supplies home to local families and international markets, thousands of Filipino fishermen embark on lengthy and frequently risky voyages every day. Today, we commemorate the lives of seven brave fishermen who were saved by secure satellite communications.

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