UAE: Schools welcome back students on Monday after three-week-long winter break

As students returned to their classrooms after the winter break, cheers of joy could also be heard in the school corridors. Some even took their term and mock exams, which started today.

According to American Academy for Girls Principal Lisa Johnson, “Everyone was smiling returning from holiday to school.” We were thrilled to see colleagues and friends and talk about our adventures over winter break. We also had a lot of new students start today, which is typical for families from other countries.

Advertisement: “The first day of school after a long break can still be a difficult time, as normal sleeping schedules have been adjusted and separation from family can cause anxiety for younger children after the break.”

This has been supported by our teachers by providing activities that allow students to interact with their friends, setting smaller academic goals for the day, taking breaks to rest and recharge when necessary.”

Principals emphasized that many teachers spent time reviewing material from the previous semester because academic retention can suffer during breaks. It is essential to refresh knowledge and lay the groundwork for the new material that will be covered. In order to make 2023 a successful year, time was also spent reviewing personal and academic goals,” Johnson added.

In an effort to provide their students with the best possible learning environment, some schools have taken advantage of the break to carry out necessary renovations in the school libraries and throughout the campus.

“It has been a wonderful day welcoming our new and existing students back to School for Term 2,” says Lauren Pennington, Assistant Head Teacher – Years 2-4 at GEMS Royal Dubai School. This term, we were able to open a brand-new FS1 class, and it has been wonderful to observe the ecstatic expressions on the faces of our new students as they don their sophisticated school uniforms. We are looking forward to the next exciting term.

The Dwight School Dubai headmaster, David Hutson, stated, “Today has gone really well; Everyone is pleased to be back, reenergized, and prepared for term 2.

In the meantime, students enjoyed returning to their schools just as much as the schools enjoyed welcoming them, with many saying, “It’s been a great feeling being back to school today.” Students looked forward to the return.

Hind Abdalla Mohamed Fakhra Al Ali, a student in the third grade at GEMS Royal Dubai School, declares, “I am so excited to be back to school and see my friends.” I’m a member of the netball team, and I’m excited to get back to training!

Aakash, a fourth-grade student, recollects, “I enjoyed my winter break quite a bit, [and] met my cousins who came to visit me, but I was also looking forward to returning to school and meeting my friends and teachers.” I was also somewhere anticipating their return now that my cousins have left and everyone is returning to their normal routine.

The only problem is having to get up early. After a long winter break, this is something that is especially hard to come by. Having said that, today was a successful day at school.

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