Yemeni forces launch final push to drive Al-Qaeda from Abyan

AL-MUKALLA: With the deployment of hundreds of soldiers and armored personnel carriers as reinforcements, Yemeni military leaders have launched the final effort to drive Al-Qaeda militants out of Abyan.

Support trucks, armed vehicles, and APCs were seen making their way from the city to the southern province that is close by.

Brig. The general commander of Security Belt forces, Mohsen Al-Wali, stated that the reinforcements would boost operation “East Arrows” to combat Al-Qaeda remnants believed to be hiding in the Al-Mahfad mountain range.

According to Al-Wali’s statement to Al-Ghad Al-Mushreq TV, “Security Belt troops would tighten checkpoints in cities along with the General Security,” and “Support and Reinforcement (forces) would battle terrorism and pursue terrorist elements in the mountainous regions where they are hiding and attempting to undermine security.”

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